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The Group ETTOLBA, strong of its experience of thirty-four years, constructs arranges and agency several yards in Morocco of the simplest to the most prestigious and it is not a luck if he is tod ayone of the main operators of the building in Morocco.
To strengthen its acquirements and to widen its Profession activities, the Group ETTOLBA endowed itself of units dedicated to these professions :

  • ETTOLMY: Construction Loud Status
  • UNIVERSE FLOOR: Floors made of Prestressed concrete
  • BUILT ALUMINUM: Aluminum joinery
  • The INDUSTRIAL POLYVALENCY: Joinery Woods & Metal
  • TOLBA GLASS: Shaping of Products Glassmakers First of all, the ETTOLBA enterprise, has been created by Mr. LAHCEN ETTOLBA, to answer the needs greatly expressed by the professionals of the real estate, and well evidently to assure the perfection of the market of the BTP in Morocco.